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Susan Allen The Remarkable Neville
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: June 04, 2012

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Sometimes it’s just nice to pass on a story that makes you feel good, especially in light of all the negative news bombarding us daily. I’m Susan Allen this is Open Range I’ll be back to tell you about a horse called Neville. Yes Neville is an odd name for a Thoroughbred, ok his full name is Neville Bardos, after an Australian gangster. Neville is a celebrity not only because he won the US Equestrian Federation’s prestigious  Horse of The Year Awards but for overcoming incredible odds. Memorial Weekend 2011 Neville was trapped in a burning barn in Aiken South Carolina along with ten other stable mates, four escaped, six burned to death and the last was found barely alive huddled in a dark corner by men who heard an odd gurgling noise. That was Neville, struggling to breath, his throat and lungs scorched from smoke inhalation. Call it luck, or heart, Neville had beaten odds before. In in 2002 he was just another slow race horse destined for slaughter at an Australian sale where Boyd Martin purchased him from the kill pen for $850. Quite a buy considering last year Neville was the top American horse in eventing  at the World Equestrian Games. Then the fire. Over the weeks after the disaster members of the team that treated Barbaro worked to save Neville and were shocked by his fast recovery, he made it known he wanted out of the hospital. Three months after being burned  Neville  placed 7th at the Burghley Horse Trials in England. On Tuesdays Open Range, Neville is off the the Summer Olympics in London proudly representing the US , what do you want to bet Neville  takes a pass on carrying  the  Olympic torch.


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