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KayDee Gilkey Global Domination by Smoke’s Poutinerie
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: March 16, 2017

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Smoke’s Poutinerie started in Downtown Toronto in 2008 and has spread across Canada and is moving into the United States. At the Potato Expo, Smoke’s Poutinerie CEO Ryan Smolkin shared immense passion for potatoes and poutine. He shares more about his unique eatery that openly claims global domination by 2020 — which he began with one restaurant and no experience to his present 150 locations and counting — He shares the value and the power of the brand.

Smolkin: “More than fries, cheese curd and gravy …. anybody can do that. It’s taking it to the whole next level — it’s how you are speaking, how you are talking, how you greet people at the door, the music we are playing, what you are wearing — that is what brand is about. What is going to bring them back? If you don’t have brand or culture and be able to have that entertainment bringing them back, then you are just relying on the food. I admit we have great food but iff you are simply relying on food to bring them back — you’re putting yourself in some tough competition because that is only going to bring them back is that food. You want the entertainment, the brand, the atmosphere, the excitement, the experience — that’s what brings them back to your restaurant. So I drive that top down from global headquarters — from the franchisee, to the restaurant, to the manager, across the counter to the guest and customer.”

Smoke’s offers more than 30 different poutine menu options. Red and Black plaid are a big part of the brand and Smoke’s has mastered social media promotion to a fine art.

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