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KayDee Gilkey Celebrating Colorado Pueblo Chiles
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: September 03, 2015

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All things Colorado Pueblo Chile will be celebrated on Saturday, September 5th at the Colorado State Fair Grounds and exciting news about this fabulous and unique chile. Director of Pueblo County Economic Development and GIS Chris Markuson shares more details of the unveiling of the branding of Pueblo Chiles by the newly formed Pueblo Chile Growers Association.

Markuson: “I’m really excited about this because Pueblo Chiles have been seen across the country as the premier chile. They’re meaty, they’ve got excellent texture. They’re grown with Colorado sunshine and Rocky Mountain water. They’re a fantastic and a very superior Chile product. The downfall of Pueblo Chiles has been for generations is that the farmers have not really work together and that they have not been able to meet the capacity demands of large orders. So now with the formation of the Pueblo Chile Growers Association, those farmers are working together and they've been able to do some great things in fulfilling some of those large orders that grocery stores demand.”

In addition to the Governor has designated Saturday as Pueblo Chile Day. If you are at the State Fair, Markuson continues with suggestions of the ways to celebrate

Markuson: “We’ll actually be having some free samples of roasted Chiles. You’ll see the roaster right there and showing people how to roast. If you haven’t tried Pueblo Chiles — you gotta it. They are the best in the world.”

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