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KayDee Gilkey Colorado Corn Admin. Committee Awards $5,000 in 4-H Grants
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: March 21, 2017

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The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee recently announced two $2,500 grants that have been awarded to two 4-H programs within the state. Colorado Corn Communications Director Eric Brown provides more details

Brown: “This year’s winners were the CSU Extension Pueblo County Office’s BeeWise Program. They got $2,500 to help with their workshops that they will provide for more than 100 participants to learn the techniques of beekeeping, trekking bee colony health. Bees are incredible important pollinators — not necessarily for corn but for just crops and food production in general. The other one that we also did $2,500 for was the CSU Extension Elbert County Office’s Livestock 101 program. A next step knowledge program for about 65 4-H youth that have three years or less years of experience of livestock handling. So $5,000 total with $2,500 to each of those. If we had limitless funds, we’d want to support every thing that every 4-H program out there. We certainly do enjoy finding ways that we can realistically help out because there is so many great things that they are doing.”

If you are involved with a worthwhile 4-H program, Brown says to be watching for grant announcements later this summer for the next round of grants.

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