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Maura Bennett September Is A Month to Eat Local
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: August 24, 2017

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In a grab and go society, it’s easy to lose our connection with the food we eat and the pure joy of eating.

At harvest time, members of Slow Food Denver are inviting all Coloradans to find and eat local foods. Kristine Root is organizing the Eat Local Challenge.

“ Some of the benefits are looking at how does it benefit your connection. So knowing who the farmer is that grew your food and knowing why peaches are not in great abundance this year or knowing why the apples are not growing in Colorado this year, are benefits that help you understand how intricately connected our daily life is to the planet we live on.”

Eating local is pretty easy to do. There are a lot of small and large farmers and farmers markets.

“There are also lots of restaurants that are committed to supporting the local food economy. As chefs they know the value of supporting the local food economy. They’ve made a commitment to buy from local growers and other purveyors of local food in the community. Slow Food Denver has created an app called the Slow Food Planet App where people can find out about these restaurants. It’s an all free resource.”

It’s free to participate but you can pledge money at www.slowfooddenver.org to help local school food and garden programs and grants for new healthy food businesses. The group hopes to raise 10-thousand dollars this year.

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