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Maura Bennett National Farmers Union fights for Bio-Fuels
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: August 29, 2017

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The National Farmers Union and state Farmers Unions divisions say they are no longer playing defense when it comes to bio-fuels and higher ethanol blends.

The group has a new initiative to promote legislative and regulatory changes to expand markets for higher blends of ethanol, like E30, and advanced biofuels.

NFU President Roger Johnson in a conference call said expanding homegrown, renewable energy production benefits farmers, American consumers and the environment.

“Several years ago, the oil industry doubled down and made it their number one legislative initiative to get rid of the renewable fuel standard and squash this industry. Most of that argument is just a bunch of bunk. And as a consequence we’ve spent way too much time playing defense. And our members said it’s time to play offense.”

Colorado is one of the top five states for advanced biofuel companies, according to Environmental Entrepreneurs.

The NFU has hired renewable energy veteran Anne Steckel to help lobby lawmakers in Washington DC. Steckel says the Renewable Fuel Standard - which requires auto fuels to contain a certain amount of biofuel -- has been a boon to farming and rural communities that grow and produce renewable, bio-based fuels. She says NFU will continue its support of the RFS and lobby to expand renewable energy demand, development and infrastructure.

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