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Maura Bennett Actagro Proximus
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: September 11, 2017

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Nitrogen is the essential nutrient that most frequently limits corn and other crop yields in Colorado, according to researchers at Colorado State University.*

Years of research and development are culminating in a new product that may be a boon to farmers concerned with soil nitrogen levels.

Brandon Laws with Actagro says this new product, Proximus, reduces leaching and increases nitrogen uptake by the crop in an environmentally sustainable way.

“What Proximus does, is it stimulates the resident soil microbes which calls them to increase and multiply and therefore consuming some of the nitrogen that you’re putting down but in a good way where it can then be released back into the soil and taken back up by the crop when the crop needs it. It takes advantage of the natural symbiotic relationship of the soil system to hold the nitrogen there using those resident soil microbes and then they release it back into the soil where the crops have the ability to then take it up in a couple different forms, whether it be the ammonium form or the nitrate form so they get the opportunity to choose what forms fit them best at that particular growth stage, therefore increasing nitrogen uptake and the use efficiency of that nitrogen that you’ve applied.”

Laws says there is a pretty wide window for application. And he says several independent studies have shown the product decreases leaching by 69-percent and a 15-percent yield increase.

Laws says more details on Proximus can be found at: www.stopleaching.com.

* http://www.wyoextension.org/werawater/region8/PDFs/corn/nitrogen.pdf

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