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Maura Bennett Food Preservation 1
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: August 06, 2018

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CSU Extension says it has a long history of providing food preservation resources whether we’re interested in canning freezing or drying. But the way we access that information has changed away from the desktop and toward mobile devices.

CSU Associate Professor and Extension Specialist Marisa Bunning of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition says that’s why they saw the need for a food preservation app for mobile devices.

“But our online resources weren’t mobile responsive. Which means many of our fact sheets have these large tables and if you were looking at that on your cell phone you might not see the entire table and you might miss the important information that’s on the far right. So we wanted to meet this need. It allows users to set their elevation.”

Bunning says there is also a link for people to find their elevation if they don’t know it.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices, and a mobile-responsive online version can also be found at https://apps.chhs.colostate.edu/preservesmart/.

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