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Maura Bennett Ag Remembers George H.W. Bush
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: December 05, 2018

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Flags continue to fly at half staff government offices around Colorado as President George H. W. Bush, is laid to rest in the nation’s capitol today.

And many in the agriculture industry here may remember how the first president Bush expressed support for farmers many times during his time in office.

The first President Bush spoke with USDA’s Gary Crawford in 1989 at a time when rural communities and farmers were still weathering the financial crisis of the mid 80s and a difficult drought in 88.

Families that need help now.’

And his interview back then is not just a window into recent history but also a good example of how the problems facing producers then are similar to the challenges of 2018 .

The best thing we can do to help American farmers is to get these interest rates down.”

Elected officials in Colorado also sent condolences in honor of the 41st President

Governor John Hickenlooper was invited to speak at the Forum on Leadership at the George W Bush Presidential Center this year. He released a statement that the late president “ never flinched from a tough decision, and every day as President brought honor and dignity to the office and the country. He left a lasting legacy on the importance of civility in politics.”


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