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Maura Bennett Producers Get Creative to Survive the times
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: January 21, 2019

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Low commodities, trade battles, drought and weather uncertainties are challenges all Colorado producers have faced in recent years.

Guidestone Colorado’s Director of Colorado Landlinks says farmer and ranchers are learning to getting creative to so they can keep their land productive for the next generation.

“Having an agritourism enterprise on your property or maybe a pocket production system is what I call it. Maybe you’re leasing out some part of your land to a beginning or young producer can create some stability. It can create some more diversified farm income and even if it’s just a small egg enterprise or something, all of a sudden you have someone who is committed you’re building a relationship with and they may know how to start that old tractor and turn the paperclip just the right way to get it going and to help feed. So if something happens and you end up in the hospital or god forbid you take a vacation you have somebody to help bridge that.”

One of Guidestone‘s goal is to increase agritourism and Heritage Toursim in the state .

The not for profit group and is holding workshops in the coming weeks to help producers who may feel they need more information about how to get creative and scale up their enterprise. Go to www.guidestonecolorado.org .

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