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KayDee Gilkey V+M Solution for Nematode Management
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: February 23, 2017

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At last month’s Potato Expo I stopped by the Bayer CropScience booth and learned more about Bayer’s available solutions for potato growers when it comes to nematode management. Bayer CropScience Marketing Manager for the Western Region Nevada Smith says that growers today are facing increased challenges around fumigants as well as losing products for nematode management.

Smith: “Last year we introduced Velum Prime. And this year we’ve really been focusing our studies on Velum Prime + the Movento program itself. Seeing that the integrated program between the two — where you do one shot of Velum Prime early in the season followed by two Moventos — you get a nice increase in weight and root health.”

Smith says that resistance is playing a critical factor.

Smith: “One thing we find is that growers are having to adjust how they approach the marketplace. It’s not a one and done philosophy anymore. It’s about recharging the system. Keep pushing the nematode protection down. Having two modes of protection — with Velum Prime being Fluopyram and with Movento being Spirotetramat active ingredients — you introduce two different modes of actions that control and kill the nematodes themselves.”

He continues

Smith: “You’ll find that the critical factor — the success factor — is not only nematode management for Velum plus Movento V+M but also the disease impact and insect control as well. New for 2017 is Movento HL. Movento HL is a high-load formulation of our previous Movento formulation so same great usage and is registered in the same

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