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KayDee Gilkey Cool Terra Helps Improve Soil Health
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: March 03, 2017

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Today we are visiting with Drew Jackson who is the production agriculture segment leader at Cool Planet — an ag technology company. Jackson shares more about their new innovative product called Cool Terra which helps to increase crop yields through improving soil health.

Jackson: “We’ve developed an engineered biocarbon technology that is a carbon-based material that when applied in the soil — in the root zone specifically — can have a pretty significant impact on some key aspects of soil health. So from a water holding capacity, and plant available water, nutrient efficiency holding nutrients in the root zone longer making them more available to the plant’s root system. Then impacting the biological systems of the soil. So having a pretty profound impact on the soil microbiome as a habitat for soil microbes. So the material itself is 80 percent fixed carbon, which really means that so it doesn’t break down very easily. It has a deep inner porosity and surface area. So when it is applied to soil it can have that impact on soil health and ultimately leading to improved production yields and quality — like we’ve seen in a lot of our field trials.”

Last year they did field trials in a variety of crops — including alfalfa. Jackson says that the test results have been very promising and in the case of alfalfa tests from establishment —- their first year’s results of the multi-year trial showed an 18 percent increase in yields when compared to the standard control plot. To learn more go to coolterra.com.

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