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KayDee Gilkey Regional Weekly Hay Report
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: April 10, 2017

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Here is USDA Grain and Livestock Reporter Greg Sanders with the Columbia Basin Hay report from last week.

Sanders: “We had 2000 tons of hay trade. Compared to last week, export and domestic alfalfa steady. Trade was slow to moderate with good demand. Best demand is for cube and export hay. Retail feedstore hay was steady. Alfalfa mid-square bales on the fair to good for export sold for $110 per ton. Small square alfalfa premium quality for the retail/stable market sold for $190 per ton. Timothy grass on the mid-square bales fair to good for the export market sold for $130 per ton.”

In Idaho compared to the previous week domestic alfalfa was steady in a light test. Trade turned active with very good demand as supplies are in firm hands. Mid squares of alfalfa rated fair to good tarped sold for $125.

In Oregon prices trended generally steady in a limited test compared to the previous week’s prices. Most demand is with the retail/stable hay. In Central Oregon large square of good alfalfa bales sold for $125 per ton. In Eastern Oregon large squares of Timothy grass rated premium for export sold for $120 per ton. In Lake County large squares of premium rated alfalfa sold between $160 and $165 per ton. In Klamath Basin large squares of organic alfalfa sold for $150 per ton with weeds. Harney County had no new sales confirmed.

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