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KayDee Gilkey Winter Wheat Conditions
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: April 11, 2017

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Today we are checking in with Syngenta Agronomist Don Drader. He provides an Pacific Northwest update on the winter wheat crop condition.

Drader: “ Well now that we are finally getting out in the fields after all that winter moisture we had, we are finding that there is a lot of Stripe Rust that carried over in the winter wheat. The blanket of snow protected that rust. So we are seeing a lot of rust spores out there both field men, Syngenta sales reps, University are all finding and identifying stripe rust scattered throughout the Columbia Basin and Eastern Washington. I’ve heard from Oregon and they are also seeing a lot of Stripe Rust. I’ve not heard anything specific out of Idaho but I would assume since we are identifying it in the Pullman area, it’s probably in Northern Idaho also.”

Drader continues

Drader: “Growers are probably gearing up to put their early season herbicide application on and maybe do a little top dressing - a little fertilizer. This would be an ideal time to add a Trivapro is Syngenta’s new three-way combination fungicide. It’s got azoxystrobin and propiconazole which growers are familiar with as Quilt and then a new SDHI Salatenol which seems to have very extensive activity on rust. So we are gearing up for lots of early season applications right at herbicide timing.”

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