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KayDee Gilkey Regional Weekly Hay Report
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: April 17, 2017

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Here is USDA Grain and Livestock Reporter Greg Sanders with the Columbia Basin Hay report from last week.

Sanders: “We had 2750 tons of hay trade. Compared to last week, export and domestic alfalfa were steady to week in a light. Trade was slow to moderate with good demand. Mid square bales of alfalfa supreme quality sold for $140 per ton that was tarped, on the fair to good alfalfa for the export market on the mid square bales sold for $105 to $110 per ton. Timothy grass on the mid-square bales good quality for the export market sold for $170 per ton.”

In Idaho compared to the previous week domestic alfalfa was steady to $10 lower in a light test. Trade very slow with good demand as most interests are concentrating on field work. Mid squares of alfalfa rated supreme tarped sold fro $120 per ton and fair to good tarped sold between $100 to $105 per ton.

In Oregon prices trended generally steady in a limited test compared to the previous week’s prices. Most demand is with the retail/stable hay. In Central Oregon large square of premium alfalfa bales for export sold for $130 per ton. In Eastern Oregon large squares of alfalfa rated utility with rain damage sold for $45 per ton. In Lake County large squares of good alfalfa sold for $150 per ton. Small squares of organic fair alfalfa sold for $180 per ton. In Klamath Basin small squares of meadow grass for the retail/stable market sold for $220 per ton. Harney County had no new sales confirmed.

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