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Rick Worthington Milk Labeling
by Rick Worthington, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: January 23, 2019

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Milk Labeling

When you go to the store - walk over to the Milk isle. You will certainly find all kinds of dairy products there. What else do you see? How about Soy milk, or Almond Milk? There is probably a few other products there that you might run across that would lead you to believe it has something to do with a dairy.

It's something that drives Dairy Farmers - and others in the Ag business crazy, because there is no Milk in Soy Milk.

Peter Dueppengiesser (DUE-PEN-geyser) is a Dairy farmer and says their goal is to enforce fairness in labeling, so that products made from nuts, seeds, and plants do not use dairy terms.

There’s still time to express concern over current milk-labeling standards for non-dairy products, advertised as “milk.”

The dairy industry has made great strides in bringing this conversation to the forefront and invites all producers to submit their comments before the January 28th deadline. Visit FDA Dot Gov to learn more.

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