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Ag Weather Impacts-5 year anniversary of South Dakota Storm
by Dennis Hull, click here for bio

Program: Ag Weather Impact
Date: October 05, 2018

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We’re seeing some cooler and wetter conditions moving into the inland northwest, but nothing compared to the early October blizzard that the northern plains had to endure 5 years ago. Heavy rain followed by Three to 5 feet of snow and wind gusts to 70 mph paralyzed parts of Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming and killed at least 30,000 cattle. Earlier this week, I talked with Dave Ollila who is a regional extension specialist for South Dakota State University and also ranches about 50 miles northeast of Rapid City. I asked Dave to give some recollections about the storm.

Dave Ollila: It was one of those anomalies I hope we don’t ever re-live. The big thing that caused the biggest trouble was the time of the year. Most people that time of the year still have cow-calf pairs out on grass.

I asked Dave what his most vivid memory is of the storm.

Dave Ollila: Just seeing these lines. Those animals just died and expired as they fell. You would just see those herds of cows and calves strung out along those open prairies.

This storm certainly left a legacy.

Dave Ollila: It’s certainly a reminder and when it comes around to this time of year, folks do start thinking about where their livestock is.

My thanks to Dave Ollila for sharing his experience on the 5 year anniversary of the South Dakota Blizzard.

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