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David Sparks Ph.d The Doodles
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: October 10, 2018

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Brian King loves to bird hunt and a large measure of his passion resides with his dogs which are poodle pointers. "So a poodle pointer, maybe that go back 100 years to Czechoslovakia is half standard poodle and half English pointer. They have 50% of the natural drive of both of those dogs. They have the pointing ability and the nose of the English pointer which is probably the finest bird-dog out there if you can handle them and then they have the tracking ability and the water ability of the poodle. They are fantastic dogs and there are probably only three or four breeders in the United States one of whom lives in Boise. His name is Bob Farris. Bob runs Cedarwood Kennels and ships dogs all over the country. If he has a litter of pups, they are $1200 a pop and they are sold before they hit the ground. You know Brian, you hear so much about labradoodles, since that is a labrador and a poodle as well, I wonder if they are good hunting dogs. Yes they are and they are very close, in fact, they are somewhat similar. The labradoodle’s a lot more poodley than a poodle pointer. A poodle pointer looks more like a hunting dog, very athletic. We want our dog to point and hold forever until we get in the right position. I don’t want them to flush, I want to flush the chuckers myself.

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