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Bob Larson H-2A Deadline Approaching
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Fruit Grower Report
Date: April 10, 2017

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With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Another reminder for anyone who is a current user of the H-2A Legal Worker Program or if you’re interested in making use of the program and you have a date of need this year … The deadline for filing 2017 contracts is fast approaching …

MONTSE WALKER … “WAFLA has set a deadline of April 21st and that’s the last date we’ll accept applications for the year because we want to make sure that we plan accordingly and that we can submit paperwork on time. So, we’ve seen an exponential growth in the program. There was an article that estimated 15,000 workers for Washington state this year and, so far, we have about 7,000 positions total.”

WAFLA’s Montse Walker says in the past, the only application deadline was 75 days before the employee was needed …

MONTSE WALKER … “The thinking behind that was planning mostly. We want to make sure that we can help employers as much as possible in planning stages and that we can manage the applications in the best way also. So, it didn’t make a lot of sense for us to continue to accept applications at such a high volume without being able to really communicate with each member and help them through the process. So, we want to make sure we’re providing a good, quality service and that we’re helping our members succeed in the program.”

Walker says the new deadline, set for next Friday, is aimed mostly at new applicants.

WAFLA expects as many as 15,000 H-2A workers in Washington this year, compared to 13,600 last year.

Contact WAFLA for more information.

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