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Greg Martin 01/26/06 A.G.R. Lite deadlines
by Greg Martin, click here for bio

Program: Fruit Grower Report
Date: January 26, 2006

Fruit producers in the three Northwest states and Alaska participating in the Adjusted Gross Revenue Lite federal crop insurance program have until Tuesday to meet deadlines for two aspects of the program. Jo Lynne Seufer of U.S.D.A.s Risk Management Agency regional office in Spokane explains that one applies to producers in certain counties in the regional coverage area & producers who want to apply for the A.G.R. Lite pilot program or make changes to their existing program must do so by January 31st. The second deadline involves A.G.R. Lite for all the R.M.A. regional coverage area.

SEUFER: January 31 of 2006 is the final date to submit a required document to continue a producers 2006 Adjusted Gross Revenue Lite insurance for existing policy holders.

But as producers finish meeting those deadlines, Seufer points out there is a second date that A.G.R. Lite policy holders should pay attention to.

SEUFER: March 15th 2006 is the final date to obtain 2006 Adjusted Gross Revenue Lite insurance for new policy and or enrollment policy holders throughout Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington in every county in all of those four states.

Call R.M.A.- Spokane at (509) 353-2147 for more information.

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