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06/14/05 Repairs made to Deer Flat Dam
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Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: June 14, 2005

The Bureau of Reclamation says the danger has past around the Deer Flat Dam conduit to the Caldwell canal. The dam which holds the water in Lake Lowell showed signs of seepage. Ground penetrating radar showed voids around the conduit and thats when Bureau of Recs Steven Jarsky says they took immediate action by building the berm.

JARSKY Generally just adds more bulk to the dam in that area and reinforces it. So we feel that the immediate emergency is gone.

Jarsky says theyve also taken steps to insure that Canyon County irrigators get the water they need this summer.

JARSKY So were pumping over the berm into the inlet of the canal at that point and we are still making deliveries however that requires the use of pumps.

Jarsky says any hope of a long term solution this year is out of the question given the planning, design and approvals that are required on dam safety projects.

JARSKY Were planning on starting the permanent fix in October of 2006.

The Bureau of Reclamation had hoped for dropping water levels in Lake Lowell but that hasnt happen yet thanks to rain and cool weather.

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