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06/23/05 Idaho agriculture gets committee support
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Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: June 23, 2005

Senator Larry Craig says Idaho agriculture stands to benefit from a number of projects just approved by a Senate subcommittee. Craig sits on that subcommittee, which deals with appropriations for agriculture and rural development. While start up projects are rare three Idaho programs are included. Theres one million dollars set aside for construction of the Billingsley Creek Aquaculture facility at Hagerman.

CRAIG CSIs irrigation pumps and water conservation program that will truly help the College of Southern Idaho and barley for rural development. This is a partnership with Montana State University to develop specialty varieties of barley for use in human diet and animal feeds. (It) strengthens the barley growing crops of our state.

A number of existing projects will get ongoing or increased funding next year including research into sugarbeets, canola, grain legume, yellow star thistle, potato breeding, small fruits, jointed goatgrass and the Great Basin rangeland. There are differences in the House and Senate appropriations bills which will have to be ironed out by a conference committee before the fiscal 2006 budget is approved.

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