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07/07/07 Farmers don`t get market price increases
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Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: July 07, 2005

Retail prices for supermarket food rose about two and a half percent in the second quarter of this year. The American Farm Bureau Federations Market basket Survey shows the cost of 16 basic grocery items in April, May and June was $40.51, an increase of 98 cents from the first quarter survey. In the meantime farm level prices declined for many commodities, which means that the bulk of the increase in retail prices is being pocketed after the commodities leave the farm. Of the 40.51 farmers are getting $8.91 for what they produce.
Of the 16 items surveyed, eight increased in price led by corn oil, center cut pork chops and whole fryers. Vegetable oil, ground chuck, cheddar cheese, sirloin tip roast and whole milk also increased from the first quarter of this year. Seven of the market items dropped in price; a dozen eggs, toasted oat cereal, Russet potatoes, flour, apples, mayonnaise and white bread. .
88 volunteer shoppers in 22 states participated in this latest survey, conducted during the first half of May.
Statistics show that each American farmer produces enough food to feed 144 people.

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