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10/10/05 Good harvest for Idaho fruit growers
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Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: October 10, 2005

Theyre still harvesting apples and will be doing so for at least another month at the 300 acre Williamson Fruit farm in Canyon County. Sue Williamson says its been a good year but they had some weather problems.

WILLIAMSON Poor pollinization this spring, it was pretty wet, pretty windy so the bees didnt do quite as well as wed like. Not as many fruit on the trees.

Williamson says the lack of fruit was evident in their first crop of the year, cherries.

WILLIAMSON Pretty good crop on the apricots. Peaches were down quite a bit. Apples is an average crop.

Williamson isnt one of the largest fruit growers in southwestern Idaho but their markets stretch across the country and into Asia.

WILLIAMSON The entire crop of white peaches all went to Taiwan. It was a wonderful crop for those and they packed out really well so we were really pleased with that. Did a lot into Minnesota, Dallas, Texas. A lot of the early fruit went to the East Coast, the Northeast, you know were talking Boston area, Philadelphia area.

This is a nearly 100 year old company but Sue Williamson says theyre always finding new markets, willing to try new varieties and ideas.

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