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David Sparks Ph.d Snow Survey
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: March 10, 2017

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For over two decades Ron Abramovich has made his trek to Moore’s Creek Summit of Idaho city where one of many snowtel sites across the west is located. Today he is breaking trail in nearly 2 feet of new snow. “The last time we had this much snow up here was March 1, 1999. The current snow levels here are the best since 1999 and the 10th highest since 1961." The winter of 2017 brought early snowfall causing millions of dollars in damages in the valleys and piling up huge amounts of the white stuff in Idaho's high country. At this site, the elevation is a little over 6100 feet. "So what we measure today was 103 inches of snow depth of here and if you melt that hundred and 3 inches down, there is 34 inches of water in the snowpack. Average for today is 27 inches so we are 125% of average just for this one site here in the Boise River basin.” In California, snowpack is 173% above average and the Pacific Coast storms dumping record snow there are doing the same here in Idaho. "What has developed is colder temperatures in the North Pacific and so the storm track is just south of those colder temperatures bringing moisture through California, Nevada, the Owyhee basin and here in southern Idaho. So just bordering those cold ocean temperatures and we are riding the storm track this year.

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