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10/20/05 Honey Crisp apple gains in popularity
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Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: October 20, 2005

You might not have heard of this one but get ready. The Honey Crisp apple is picking up new admirers. Believed to be an offspring of Macoun and Honey Gold this apple is large, sweet and crisp.

WILLIAMSON After weve gone all last winter and this summer with older apples to get this first crunchy thing was like, oh yeah! Folks just can have enough of it.

Sue Williamsons family owned fruit farm near Sunnyslope has been growing Honey Crisp apples for the past seven years. First introduced in 1991 by University of Minnesota breeders its a hit with Williamson customers, year in, year out.

WILLIAMSON We have Honey Crisp in and thats what moves. The first two weekends that we had them out were just as busy as could be. Theyre just growing in popularity so fast. Yeah theyre just flying out of here, its kind of fun.

Williamson says she has Idahoans who used to live back east who still insist on McIntosh apples, which they grow, or Fuji apples. But when Honey Crisp is around it sells and sells out quickly. She says its growing popularity is similar to that of the red delicious apple when it was first introduced.

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