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David Sparks Ph.d Memory Ranch
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: July 07, 2017

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They came in droves, men and women from all over the country looking to buy the best in quarter horses from Memory Ranches. “We have a beautiful day here in New Plymouth, Idaho.” Owned by the Pierce family, The horses they raise and train bring top dollar at the biennial auction event. Durango Ike is a five-year-old buckskin gelding, who’s ranch broke and is an awesome heeling horse. “$13,500 write down here in the front row. Congratulations.” Online bidders from Hawaii joined the bidding for Comanche Glenn, a five-year-old sorrel gelding, who in the end fetched an astonishing… “$31,000.” World champion team roper Doyle Gellerman, who has been to the national finals 24 times, and now trains and develops champion rope horses in Melba, says it’s the Driftwood bloodline that attracted him to the sale. “Over the years there have been so many great Driftwood horses, they are just good horses.” Gellerman bought Skookam, a four year old gray gelding and wife Anita liked what she saw close up. She has a specific use for the horse. “ Team roping. My husband will rope and train for heeling. The horse was absolutely phenomenal.” Luke Pierce runs the horse program at the memory ranch and he says the goal is to develop a versatile working horse. “We just try to make our horses very versatile. We use them on the ranch. We brand calves on them and that is what people want. They want a horse that has been there and done that. Not one that goes from a padded box stall to an arena every day and doesn’t have the exposure of being a real horse.” Today’s auction prices were a testament to the true quality of the quarter horses raised and trained at the memory ranch.

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