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10/27/05 Hearing for Simpson`s CIEDRA bill
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Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: October 27, 2005

At least eight witnesses are expected to testify in Washington later today as a House subcommittee looks at Congressman Mike Simpsons Central Idaho Economic Development and Recovery Act. It would designate 300 thousand acres as wilderness, protect the Boulder-White Clouds, end logging, mining and grazing in that area and transfer up to six thousand federally owned acres to Custer County. The cost to taxpayers, 20-million dollars. Simpson says those testifying today arent necessarily supporters of his legislation.

SIMPSON We probably loaded the hearing against us unfortunately but I do think its right and fair that people that have concerns be able to express those to the committee.

He wont let the bill undergo major change and will insist that compromises made in Idaho remain part of the legislation.

SIMPSON You know there may be minor types of things that are okay with both sides and that type of thing, things that we havent thought of or something that might come up. Well have to judge those as they come along but anything that tries to change the major components of what we have we just wont accept.

The Idaho Republican is hopeful that he can get a favorable House vote on the bill before the end of this year. It would probably be next year before the Senate would schedule hearings on the proposed legislation.

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