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David Sparks Ph.d Stock Dog
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: September 05, 2018

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In this dog is man’s best friend story, it’s hard to tell who’s the lucky dog. The red border collie stock dog or Jeff Clawson, the human behind the whistle. Clawson trains stock dogs. Good ones. Real good ones. Take Ruthie, a two-year-old in training. She is full sister to Gertie, the $500 dog that made Jeff Clawson famous. “I had never bought a dog. Got one for ranches and I thought, you know what, I am a fool for paying $500 for a dog.” Clawson manages cattle feedlots in Owyhee County. It’s a natural fit. Have cows, need dogs. As we check pens from the pickup, Ruthie is all about cows. She paces back and forth on the watch for misbehaving cows as does her sister Gertie, the dog that made Jeff famous. “We had a job to do. The trials were fun but we had to be here to move these cows, process and do different stuff and she had a job to get done first.

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