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David Sparks Ph.d Stock Dog 1
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: September 06, 2018

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Yesterday we talked about stock dog trainer Jeff Clawson and two of his dogs Ruthie and Gertie who he has trained to work very hard. But apparently there are dog trials for stock dogs one of which was Red Bluff. Here’s Jeff talking about Gertie. “She kept getting better and better and then Red Bluff came along” a big stage dog trials event where, “we went down there and we smoked them for three days. It was crazy but a lot of fun. I guess people know who I am now.” Gertie made history winning the trials and going for… Well let Jeff tell you the story. “She set the record for the top-selling dog in the nation. They started selling her and she was gone. I was okay with that. I had this dog and some other dogs at home. I knew I had to cut the ties somewhere and that was a way for me to get my name out there. As a started selling her it got up to $20,000. Then they took a break and started again they got to $27,000. it was all live streaming and I went oh crap, this is crazy and then they got to $29,000, the next bid was $30,000 and she was sold.” Clawson adjusted to losing his best friend by making new best friends like Ruthie. He turned his cowboy hobby into a lifetime passion of training the best cow dog possible.

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