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David Sparks Ph.d Fall Burndowns
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: October 04, 2018

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FMC Spokesperson Brent Neuberger has recommendations for growers as we approach the fall in terms of fall burn downs and the importance of pre-emergence herbicides. " The big thing with fall is that it is the best time to deal with winter annuals. As you see people having problems with bears tail and chick weed, the fall is the best time to control them. Not only are they emerging but you can apply a product to kill what is up and also put down a product that gives you some residual throughout that fall and early spring so come next spring you have a clean seed bed.”

What does he recommend when growers get their crops out, how quickly should they get back in the fields to do this fall burn down and apply these pre-emergence herbicide? “typically we like to see that fall temperature get down around 55 or 50° and lower because if we are applying a residual product in the fall and it’s too warm, you’re going to see more of a breakdown in your knock going to see as much control into that spring and early summer. If we do have some fields that get out early, sometimes people use a little higher rate if they are going out earlier but generally we talk about them at October 15 time frame, there are a lot of fields that will get applied in that October, early November time frame and our recommendation is that you apply that residual product and you add some glyphosate to control any emerged weeds at the time, and then you have a good residual and burn down program to start with.

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