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KayDee Gilkey Don’t Avoid Conflict
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: July 07, 2017

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Being in business with your family can be challenging as well as rewarding. Conflict is going to happen in the workplace. The issue comes when it is not handled directly or it festers. Family business consultant, author and farmer Jolene Brown shares some advice to address conflict early and directly.

Brown: “Oh we all just want to be happy and all get along. But the problem is conflict can be a good thing — if it is addressed and leads to resolution. So heres some tips in dealing with conflict especially within family business. The first is — if you have a conflict with someone go to directly to that the person and you must come with a solution not just the problem. This means don’t go to your friends, to your local bar or your spouse. Go directly to that person. Second if the two of you can’t have resolution that you agree on. Who is the leader of the business? Go to that person and now there is three of you talking. If it is can not be resolved then I want you to have an agreed upon mediator. It might be a consultant, it might be a mediation firm, it might be somebody you trust - a retired business person. And then you must agree to provide them timely information — so you can’t put this off — and that you all agree to abide by the decision that the mediator recommends. That is how you deal with conflict.”

If you would like to learn more of Jolene’s wisdom and wit — go to jolenebrown.com

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