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Susan Allen Keeping Cattle Out Of The Water
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: August 27, 2010


I’m Susan Allen welcome to Open Range. It’s a known fact that environmentalist detest cattle on the range, particularly because they tend to muddy up streams and creek beds . Ranchers running range cattle have tried a host of methods from rotation, alternative water sources  like tanks or ponds even fencing to keep cattle from sensitive riverbanks.  It seems  a student from Montana State University has come up with a  simple watering system that could revolutionize  how cattle drink from streams. Who says you don’t learn anything at college! ...Back after the break. Adam Sigler, a student working on his masters at Montana State University has developed watering for cattle allowing them to drink from streams without damaging creek beds. His invention  guides the cows out onto a  simple stanchion where they can reach the  river to drink without getting their toes, I mean hooves wet.  For about $1500 in materials Adam can build one of his contraptions with fencing and posts  that will service about a hundred head of cattle, allowing them to access the creek for water but without letting them have free access. Adams' invention looks a bit like a fenced alley with runs to the waters edge that controls how cattle approach streams. Meaning it also cuts down on manure in water another environmental benefit. It remains to been seen if ranchers will  utilize  Adam’s stanchion  but  it has been tested on two Montana ranches to much success. Kudo’s to the college kid Adam Sigler. 

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