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Susan Allen Playing Football in The Stanley Basin
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: September 01, 2010


I’m Susan Allen welcome to Open Range. Nearly at the center of Idaho, the Stanley Basin is renowned as one of the prettiest places in the state. Surrounded by the Sawtooth Mountains, dotted with high Mountain lakes plus the Salmon River in it’s infancy as a pristine  mountain stream. It’s here in a vast open meadow that one of the most famous Super Bowl commercials was filmed? Back after the break.  Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountain’s  loom large in Stanley Basin a place that became the ultimate back drop for a spontaneous and very famous game of football . Renowned horse trainer Robin Wiltshire brought twenty –eight Clydesdales to his  Wyoming ranch with the goal of teaching them to play football in less than a month. Wow!  Having  assumed that the famous Budweiser Football commercial was computer generated, I am truly amazed by what this man  accomplised. The horses were started individually in liberty, meaning free without halters in a round pen with Wiltshire adding first one, two,  than three,  four and eventually getting a small herd of horses to work in unison. Like a coach he used whistles to teach to line up on  the football  field, thousands of acres  in StanleyBasin where the horses could have run off at will. ONly they didn't! The only technical enhancement to the spot was to speed up the leg action of the Clydesdale that kicked the winning field  goal. Several years  latter Wiltshire visited Joker at his California stables,  the same  horse he taught to gallop in from one hundred feet away and hold the ball for the kicker.Upon hearing Wiltshire’s whistle  the wonderful Big Clydesdale lifted his front foot to an imaginary  football. Touching the legendary horse trainer to his core.

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