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Susan Allen Nincompoops!
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: September 08, 2010

Nincompoops!  That what my grandma would have called them. They’re the  minority who think their desires should prevail over the majorities. Think Mosque on Ground O.  I’m Susan Allen when I return, how some “nincompoops”  are making life miserable for skiers and snow boarders. Watch out they could be heading our way soon. “Nincompoops”. Mission Ridge the ski area near my home draws not only  local ski and snow boarders but folks throughout the Northwest plus US ski teams and  because of their new snow making capacity it’s a boon to our small town economy. In Flagstaff Arizona, Native American "nincompoops" are trying to shut down the popular  Snowbowl Ski  resort  because they feel it is sacrilegious for skiers to swish down slopes Indians believe are sacred. I would say  most skiers think  their right to ski is sacred, plus floating through deep powder can be pretty darn spiritual. Still,  the Indian tribes are fighting to stop the use of man made snow from recycled water. In a recent Wall Street Journal piece one elder said “dumping artificial  snow on a mountain is like bombing a church, because  the mountain is where life began, it created us”.  Right.  I don’t believe that! Neither do all the liberal groups, like the Sierra Club who are opposed teaching creationism but support the Indians. Funny how they  fight for native American deities,   but will protest a manger scene or the word Christmas. Poor  Arizona under siege again . How about a Christmas Ski vacation to Flagstaff!

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