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Susan Allen New Mexico To Retry Billy The Kid
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: September 13, 2010


I’m Susan Allen welcome to today’s Open Range isn’t it amazing the lengths politicians will go to for attention, especially with elections  right around the corner? While most work hard not to dredge up the past, the past is exactly what the Governor of New Mexico is hoping will bring himself and his beleaguered state into the national spotlight. Back after the break. Over one hundred and fifty years ago only one photo was taken of a buck toothed, cock eyed quizzical character who in today’s world would be considered a simply a low level gangster. His name was William Bonney  a k a Henry McCarty,  you and I  know him as,  Billy the Kid.  Another Billy with the last name of  Richardson, New Mexico’s governor apparently is hoping to leave his term in office office with an historic bang.  He wants to use tax payer money to retry the western icon and possibly issue a posthumous pardon. The thought of a retrial has raised the ire of many including the descendants of both Pat Garret and Lew Wallace who regard The Kid as simply a cop killer and horse thief . It seems the governor believes if he presides as judge over the hearing he has scheduled for November (surprise) in the town of Lincoln,  he will attract more tourist dollars to New Mexico. Apparently participants in the hearing including the judge will be decked out in period attire, who’s paying for all of this?  Hey, I wouldn’t be surprised if they send the bill to Obama’s new Invest in America agenda!  

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