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Susan Allen Tea Party Triumphs
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: September 17, 2010


I’m Susan Allen it’s Friday welcome to   OpenRange. It’s fascinating isn’t it to watch  the lengths the liberal media will go to discredit the Tea Party stunning recent victories throughout both rural and urban America. Back after the break. The New York Times, LA, Seattle Times and Oregonian are all firing cannons at a this amazing and I might add uplifting  grass roots movement that gives us hope that the government can once again be of the people not a country club for Washington elites.  These papers love to cite Christine O’Donnell’s quote “troubled history” income tax issues and a  home foreclosure. We all know that pales to the scandals and tawdry Chicago politics of the Obama  administration which aren’t  investigated and rarely reported.  O’Donnells foreclosure might be the reason average folks related  to her. She understands financial setbacks and struggles.  According to polls the tea party movement is fifty-five percent woman and mothers also working to make ends meet. In the words of talk show host Dana Loesch, , “Motherhood has become a political act”.  Tea party moms are well  organized at state, local and national levels and they’re empowered by the “don’t mess with my kids rhetoric ” You won't find a donkey or elephant as a mascot  rather one familiar to all of us out west, a mother  black bear. It’s  the “  Moma Bear Mentality”, the desire to protect the future of our children and I’ll add my sweet granddaughter who will be born during the November elections that attracts people in droves to the Tea Party movement.

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