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Susan Allen Our Outdoor Lifestyle Influences Fashion Designers
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: September 20, 2010


Most of Open Range has been geared for the cabalas type guy or gal, the person that’s comfortable on a horse, or in a river with a fly rod, I’m Susan Allen stay tuned,  after the break we’ll diverge and take a look at how this lifestyle impacts high fashion. When I checked out what  designers Dior and Stella McCartney even Banana Republic were showing this fall I was pleasantly surprised to find I was quite fashionable as the equestrian look is hot.  I  had a good chuckle when  I saw Jenna Bush Hagar (President Bush’s daughter) , pictured in her outdoor attire in a designer magazine tout  the fact she loves to go hiking in Maine  wearing her tall Argentina riding boots and cashmere sweater. Who is she kidding, walking even a quarter mile in dressage or  field boots is a kin to torture. Try it . If you are a horsy person this is your year. There has been a  major resurgence of anything equestrian, bags, boots clothing etc..  Ralph Lauren has been capitalizing on this look forever turning the sport of polo into a icon. And the skinny jeans and tall boots coveted by the metro set are simply what we English riders have worn for decades. I  was running errands in my paddock boots and a teenager went nuts over them. Who was my  designer source? She appeared deflated when I said a horse catalog?. So  for what it's worth here’s my tip that will ensure you look  like you stepped out of the Irish countryside... shop at your local tack,  feed or outdoor  not only will you be  fashion statement but you'll be supporting local retailers.  
Horse catalogs I use Dover Saddlery and Smartpak

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