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Susan Allen Happy Hour For Cows
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: September 21, 2010


There is nothing I like better then a juicy steak and a good cab. It seems Canadian cattle producers took this match made in heaven to  a new realm. I’m Susan Allen stay tuned for Open Range. Our neighbors to the north in Okanagan’s wine country also known for it’s rich ranching  heritage are following in Japans footsteps and some are  fattening their cattle with an alcoholic beverage. Unlike Kobe cattle,  fed beer, these  Canadian cows are treated to a liter of red wine each day. And apparently the cows enjoy happy  hour. According to Janice Ravndal of Kelowna, British Columbia’s  Sezmu Meats,  who began to offer twenty one  day dry-aged beef this spring,  the cattle actually get more “chatty”  and relaxed after their liter of wine, the very same effect I might add  red wine has on moi! Anyway,  the cattle receive a  liter of a red blend each day for the last 60 days prior to slaughter. They drink it out of a pail and most don’t have a refined palate preferring sweeter vintages. Cattle researchers from a nearby university have not discovered any negative effects on the cows and a Cornell professor of animal science remarked that alcohol is easily metabolized by the cow’s liver and actually could be beneficial  for bovines. Customers who have enjoyed the wine enriched beef at restaurants like Quails Gate in Kelowna have given the meat great reviews. Ah but this does leave one with the quandary of what wine to serve these steaks ? I’m Susan Allen     

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