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Susan Allen Maximilian and Roy Rogers Stunn Collectors
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: October 01, 2010


Given that majority of the history of mankind was written on the back of a horse, it’s no surprise then that collectors and museums will pay enormous sums for antique saddles. When Open Range returns Maximillian and Roy Rogers stun auction houses. If you happen to own an antique ,western, Mexican or Native American saddle it could be worth several thousand dollars, e even more if it comes with a story; example a championship Hamleys from an early Pendleton Round-Up, a Bohlin silver parade saddle once owned by a celebrity or maybe a rough cavalry saddle intact after a famous battle. In the wake of the Civil War ,Mexico also torn with conflict had a European emperor, Ferdinand Maximillian Joseph of Austria. Maximillian is remembered for his  short reign and grisly execution. While he wasn't the most adept ruler, he was quite the rider! He absolutely hated to lose a horse race and would take incredible risks jumping. In his memoir Maximillian wrote that "to walk one's horse is death. To trot is life. To gallop is bliss. It is not given to me to ride slowly". This knowing his passion the people of Mexico presented their emperor with a highly ornate silver saddle and that piece of art resurfaced this pas January at a prestigious western auction where it sold for $230,000 to a U.S. CEO whom I might add probably thought he got a bargain considering one of Roy Rogers sold in 2002 for $412,000.

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