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Susan Allen Old Time Cowboy Challenge
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: October 05, 2010


 Craig Cameron, is the Donald Trump of the Western world, he’s always thinking up new events to promote his passion for the cowboy way. He’s the guy who came up with the Extreme Trail Challenge now held throughout the nation. Now  the  man who has called  horsemanship “a thinking man’s game” has raised the bar again. I’m Susan Allen welcome to Open Range when I return how the west just got wilder.  On RFD TV last Monday I tuned in to see some Texas cowboys duking it out in boxing gloves and cowboy boots all part of Craig Cameron’s newest event he calls Old Time Cowboy Challenge. This marketing wiz basically combined his popular extreme trail challenge with cowboy shooting and rodeo  and in his famous “I’m going to tell ya what” saying,  he’s hit a homerun. In the Old Time Cowboy Challenge guys pack a pistol, quick draw, compete in match races, ride broncs and rope longhorns all because Cameron feels that most men lack grit, stick to- it- ness and the ability to stand up for that they believe. Motivated by his fear that  the “Cowboy Way” is dying out, he once wrote in that it concerns him that kids today lack a strong work ethic and a sense of history.” Ah Mr. Cameron you haven’t met our Idaho, Oregon and Washington cowboys and buckaroos, young men that have  grown up hunting big game ( not jack rabbits)  at elevations that would make your cowpokes weak at the knees. And that Texas puckerbursh.....it's  a  golf course compared the terrain we gather cattle. So how about it Craig  Cameron? lets have a real Old Time Cowboy challenge and add some Northwest cowboys to your mix. 

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