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KayDee Gilkey First Aid and Safety Tips for Rural Emergencies
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: April 10, 2017

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Knowing first aid and having a plan for emergencies is very important, especially for those of us who live in rural communities a distance from a hospital. While attending the Colorado Livestock Association’s Annual Meeting last week, I had the opportunity to be at their Safety meeting which provided a good reminder of important safety and first aid information. Ivan Steinke the Safety Coordinator for Extraction Oil and Gas shares some rather startling statistics

Steinke: “The data supports that about 40 percent of all accidents actually happen at home. So whether it is your loved ones, your family members or someone living in your house —- about 40 percent of those accidents happen at home on the weekends or at night. So it is important to respond appropriately to those as well.”

Do you and your family have an emergency plan in place. Do your children know what to do and who to call in case of an emergency? Steinke continues

Steinke: “If you have a first aid in your home and also a fire extinguisher. Also having a notification chart or calling tree at home as well would be very beneficial. Ensuring that everyone knows where to go, who to call and respond appropriately.”

He adds

Steinke: “Just the biggest thing to remember is to respond appropriately, act calmly and provide a layer of confidence to the injured person. Just making sure if you need advance care to call 911 and get the appropriate responders coming as quick as possible.”

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