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KayDee Gilkey Don’t Let the Name Fool You
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: April 21, 2017

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In case you aren’t familiar withe Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine and their agenda, Animal Agriculture Alliance Vice president of Communications Hannah Thompson-Weeman explains why livestock producers need to be aware of the organization and its activities.

Thompson-Weeman: “Like a lot of activist groups, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine really relies on a very benign-sounding name that sounds like a group of very well-educated doctors taking on issues of the day. But they were actually started by PETA in 1985 to be the quote-unquote “scientific voice" for the animal rights movement. So PETA intentionally started this group to mislead people and make them think that doctors were coming together to speak out against animal agriculture. In reality, less than 10 percent — the number somewhere around 5 or 8 percent — of PCRM’s memberships are even actually doctors. The vast majority are not physicians. They are just people who are interested in advocating for animal rights and encouraging people not to eat meat using a variety of different tactics. That again that appear to come from physicians or doctors but it really another extremist group whose is using any tactics it can to undermine the reputation of animal agriculture and make people feel bad about eating meat.”

She continues with some of their more recent activities.

Thompson-Weeman: “They are asking people who visit their website to sign a petition trying to get hospitals to offer more plant-based meals. The big thing they are doing that is making headlines is that they filed a lawsuit in California to try and get processed-meats not be served in a certain school district.”

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