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KayDee Gilkey Benefits of AI
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: April 26, 2017

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The use of artificial insemenation or AI can improve your herd’s genetics and with the proven simply heat detection or heat synchronization programs on the market it can be very cost-effective in comparison to purchasing a bull. Performix Nutrition Systems Animal Nutritionist and Consultant Marty Gill on why ranchers should really consider using artificial insemination — even though currently less than 10 percent of commercial beef producers are using AI in their herds. Gill continues with the benefits of using AI

Gill: “The payoff today is obviously bigger than its ever has been. It comes from several factors the first is obviously is going to be less calving problems in your first calf heifers — which is going to result in more live calves on the ground with less labor. That coupled with the fact of using these superior genetic bulls you can add easily 20 to 40 pounds per calf with these genetics. On today’s calf market that is anywhere from $50 to $80 or 90 dollars a head So the return is phenomenal from a ROI perspective. Another thing that people might not think about is breeding those heifers to those proven really easy-calving bulls the heifers will return to estrus a lot quicker and breed back sooner.”

Too often being too busy is an excuse ranchers use to not consider making the switch to AI. Gill adds.

Gill: “People have the perceptions that it takes a lot more time and effort. And again the some of the synchronization systems and protocols that are out there today — I don’t think that is the case and then the payoff is huge.”

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