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Tommy Allen Colorado Wildfire
by Tommy Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: July 14, 2017

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With the Land and Livestock Report I’m Susan Allen. Wildfire season is upon us once again and for Colorado and Midwest ranchers it was a year ago that 2 million acres of productive ranchland was scorched. Matt Perrier of Dalebanks Angus helped the burned out ranchers. He spoke recently of his experience at the Beef Roundtable:

Perrier: It was almost indescribable. I tried to prepare myself that morning for what I was going to see. I think I prepared for the cattle loss; I did prepare myself for the loss of grass, homes, and buildings. But what I didn’t prepare myself for or wasn’t able to prepare myself for was the raw emotion that was on those folks faces. Drought wind you name it there has been challenges. But these are some of the toughest individuals I know of and yet they were breaking down right and left

American Ranchers are resilient and tough. A year latter grass is coming up, some fences have been rebuilt, cows have calved. But ranchers aren’t out of the woods, the effects of the fire continue to plague cattle.Some have scared udders; others hoof walls falling off.

On part two tomorrow how cattle have fared in the aftermath

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