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Tommy Allen A New Ear Tag
by Tommy Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: July 20, 2017

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With your land and livestock report. Low-stress cattle handling isn’t just important for producers, but sales barn’s as well.Nephi Harvey, the Chief Technology Officer at For Supply Technologies spoke to us recently about how their innovative ear tag systems work for in that application

HARVEY: The sale barns that are using this system like it a lot because they are not having to run the animals through the shoot as often thereby taking down the stress on both their employees and animals . They are not bonking and banging and risking injury to the animals because they can walk into the pen and scan the bunch of animals that need to be shipped. It makes it a lot easier for folks to be able to quickly get their documents for shipping. For instance at the sale the veterinarian is typically the last gating person to allow those animals to go out if they are crossing state boundaries because he has to write the documents. The trucks are waiting to load and push out and the veterinarian has all that pressure to get their animals onto the CVI and with this system all he has to do is scan those animals, walk over to the pen and scan them. Quite literally hit print, and the document is dones. So it can cut hours out of the process the truck drivers are waiting on those animals too.

Again that was Nephi Harvey with For Supply Technologies innovative ear tags

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