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Kelly Allen BQA
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Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: July 12, 2017

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With your Land and Livestock Report, I’m Susan Allen . Ranchers are continually looking for ways to improve their operation. Becoming certified in the Beef Quality Assurance or BQA program is one way to increase consumer confidence in beef products.Washington State University Extension Regional Livestock Specialist Dr. Don Llewellyn shares additional reasons for producers to consider becoming BQA certified.

Llewellyn: “When you look back in history, in the recent history since about 1991 we’ve had Beef Quality Audits that occur about every five years or so and those document changes in the industry and trends. We’ve done a good job of increase the beef quality: minimizing injection site lesions and bruises and making strides in carcass quality and yield and so forth. We also know that no matter what we do, we can always improve. BQA is a great way to raise that awareness and and help us to improve so those Beef Quality Audits continue to get better as we move forward in time. This is an industrywide issue that we just want to be sure that we’re doing the right thing, producing the right kind of product that will be acceptable to consumers.”

The mission of the BQA program is to maximize consumer acceptance of beef by focusing attention on daily production practices that influence the safety and quality of beef.

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