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Susan Allen AGri Beef Grilling Tips From Chef Ott
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: August 02, 2017

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Agri-Beef Minute Chef Ott 5 sec

I’m Susan Allen and It’s Wednesday’s Agri Beef Minute on today’s Land and Livestock. With their hash tag # Loyaltolocal pledge the Fork is one of Boise most popular restaurants sourcing key ingredients from Northwest farmers ranchers, brewers and winemakers. Favorites RR’s Wagyu Beef Urban Burger have made

The Fork Executive Chef Kristopher Ott the go-to guy for grilling tips. What beef cuts do you favor

Ott: “I like to do a lot of whole meats. I’m a big fan of Tri-tip. Whole muscle meat usually grills the best because it endures the heat. Also I’m big into ribs. I do a lot of ribs in the summer. You want to get that nice char or crust on the outside of the meat as that is where the flavor settles. Then you get that nice ruby red center.”

Any prior to grilling tips?

Ott: “I use dry rubs or wet rubs tend to burn and stick a little bit more. You want to make sure that you marinate your meat for at least 48 hours in what ever spice blend you would like to do. I usually try to marinate my meat for up to three days before I grill it. That way all the salts, spices and aromatics you put into it actually penetrate the meat. It helps with that nice grilling crust to make sure that the grill is cleaned and well oiled. That way you get those nice beautiful marks that everybody wants.”

Chef Kris Ott is the Executive Chef for both the Fork and ALAVITA and specializes in butchery and meats.I’ve heard is a wizard with fresh caught trout. Remember tune in for the Agri Beef Minute each Wednesday. Agri Beef Company.Real Family, Great People and Exceptional Beef. That’s today’s Land and Livestock Report. I’m Susan Allen

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