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Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: August 04, 2017

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With your Land and Livestock Report, I’m Susan Allen. An analysis of recent trends in the dairy consumption suggests increased use of butter and other higher-fat dairy products added more than 2 billion dollars to dairy farmer’s milk checks during the worst 12 months of the 2015-16 world dairy market collapse according to Peter Vitalliano from the National Milk Producers Federation. Much of this growth can be attributed to the work of the dairy checkoff.

VITALIANO: "This is a story that goes, it includes butter but it goes much beyond butter. This is something that is happening not only across the U.S. dairy industry, it's starting to spread globally. Dairy farmers are increasingly being paid for the components of their milk and I think we're going to see that continue."

Reuters Reports that Amazon met with a group of organic US Ranchers last week in an effort to expand distribution of organic and grass fed meats now that it has purchased the Whole Foods Chain. Investors have speculated that Amazon is working to combine it’s success in order filling with whole foods facilities to create a new category of fresh food delivery but Amazon has yet to reveal it's planned. Amazon officials visited White Oak Pastures, a Georgia grass Fed meat producer in March prior to announcing the takeover. White Oak owner Will Harris told Reuters that the retailer asked the rancher to invite other producers last week to discuss organic and grass fed meat opportunities. Ranchers excluded from this meeting expressed concern that “they could be shut out of this market if the retail giant import meat from lower-cost producers rather than U.S.

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