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Susan Allen Adding Minerals and Proteins For Dry Rangelands
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: August 09, 2017

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I’m Susan Allen and on today’s Agri Beef Minute for the Land and Livestock Report, we are discussing the importance of adding additional protein and minerals for cattle as range conditions become dryer. Performix Nutrition Systems Animal Nutritionist and Consultant Marty Gill believes that their Rumax BoviBox is the perfect solution and will provide a good return on investment.


Gill: “It contains protein at a 30 percent level which is a high protein level quality protein level — both natural and small amounts of NPN-source. As well as some energy and complete trace mi neral and vitamin package. It is very economically priced when you consider the nutrients that it provides to cattle. It is also very uniquely packaged in just a simple cardboard box in just a 167-pound size.”

Gill says that there isn’t the waste like tubs or barrels and that the


BoviBoxes are easy to handle and haul.

Gill: “It is extremely convenient and easy to use. Especially with the conditions, we are experiencing with the dry forage. You need to supplement those calves prior to weaning with a pretty good shot of protein to help improve the microbial population in the rumen on that dry forage. That does two things — it increases the intake and it also greatly increases the efficiency. So it is one of these times that producers will spend a little bit to supplement their cows and calves prior to and just after weaning, it provides a really good return on investment with today’s calf prices.” Tune in each Wednesday for

Thanks Marty and remember, tune in each Wednesday for Agri Beef Minute for great tips about raising cattle and serving beef. Agri Beef Company

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